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Luxury handmade souvenirs from MJ

Elite VIP gifts for a variety of celebrations and important events. Unique gifts for millionaires made of precious stones and metals (gold, platinum, palladium, silver, emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc). Corporate gifts with any professional subjects. Designer gifts of fine exotic wood (mahogany, ebony, karelian birch, amaranth, american walnut burl, wenge, nozzles, pinkwood, rosewood, african blackwood, zebrawood, makassar, cocobolo, etc). Gifts for the home in the author's edition of the most rare and unusual materials. Luxury gifts for women on March 8. Stylish gifts for men on 23 February. Gifts for loved ones for a wedding, engagement, Valentine's Day from a unique alloy of gold. Exclusive gifts for Christmas and New Year. Business souvenirs for the elite. Souvenirs from semi-precious stones (malachite, agate, aquamarine, garnet, carnelian, rauchtopaz, jasper, aragonite, morion, amethyst, chalcedony, pyrite, citrine, chabazite, quartz, amazonite, serpentine, tourmaline, kyanite, turquoise, etc). Exclusive souvenirs made of rock crystal Swarovski strass. Extravagant gifts of exotic leather (crocodile, python, lizard, ostrich, shark, frog, elephant, cobra, sea eel, stingray, caiman, alligator, anaconda, etc.). Unique gifts made of natural fur (mink, sable, ermine, fox, ponies, chinchillas, etc.) Souvenirs from minerals of organic origin (coral, pearl, pearl, amber, jet). Unique gifts of ivory (mammoth tusk, walrus and whale bone, narwhal horns, etc.). Exotic souvenirs of the canines (tiger, wolf, shark, cheetah, camel, whale tooth, a lion, a bear). Gifts with personalization (application of state and family crests, badges, and sign, logos and brand names, initials and wishes, company logos and other symbols). Rare and collectable auction souvenirs. Souvenirs with laser engraving, embossing, hot enamel, silk embroidered with gold leaf, gold leaf and other delights from MJ. And of course incredibly beautiful and stylish gift wrap handmade - Leather bags and bags, boxes, and carbon fiber plates, velvet blankets and skins, fur cases and tubes, luxury designer boxes and jewelry boxes.

Exclusive handle of ebony on the luxury business card holder with a stand of petrified wood and gold.
see also catalog of luxury pens handmade - www.pens.mj777.com

Collectible book is decorated with diamonds, gold, buffalo leather, ivory or mammoth tusk.
According to custom made luxury catalogs, albums, books, authors in the design of any edition of MJ.
see also catalog the author's books handmade - www.book.mj777.com

Gold bust of Hippocrates, Aristotle, Caesar, Napoleon, Che Guevara, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Putin, Yanukovych, Obama etc.
Any busts of historical figures to individual orders of silver, gold, platinum, gold. stone and bone etc.

Exclusive box of red and black wood inlaid leather, gold and gems.
Copyright catalog caskets, boxes and other packing vip - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive photo frames made of gold, diamonds, wood, leather and other precious materials.
Digital and classical photo frames handmade. Any size and design.
designer photo frames and moldings - www.frame.mj777.com

VIP souvenir - a family tree of silver, platinum or gold.
catalog of luxury, photo albums, photo frames and other photo gifts - www.frame.mj777.com

Exclusive figurines, gifts, sculpture, netsuke ... of the most luxurious materials.
Ivory, mammoth ivory, precious woods, unique fossils ...
Only the individual order and handmade.

Royal Seal of natural rarest mountain stone, gold, and many carat fancy diamond.
catalog of exclusive prints from stone, bone, wood, leather, silver, gold ... - www.seal.mj777.com

Exclusive hourglass mahogany and gold. Premium Souvenirs.

Elite sets of accessories of leather cobra, python, crocodile, boa, hippo, frog, toad, fish, elephant, iguana ...
VIP wallets, purses, covers for documents, for coins, credit card, business card holders, key rings ...
luxury catalogs - www.wallets.mj777.com & www.keychains.mj777.com

Copyright holders of sterling silver, platinum and gold coat of arms.
Exclusive tableware for individual orders of precious metals with personalization.
designer crockery and cutlery handmade - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Luxury gifts for the day of the geologist. Only handmade and unique natural materials.
Any themed gifts of gold, platinum, marble, jet, wood, diamonds, sapphires and other elite materials.
VIP gifts for the employees of any trades and holidays from precious metals and stones.

Elite interior business card holders, napkin holders and other accessories made of marble, granite, sapphire, amber, wood, leather, gold ...
Copyright gifts of all shapes and sizes. Any items and themed items on the day of the hunter, the day of the frontier guard, on the day the police souvenirs, Day 0 Airborne Airborne Troops, Day of missile forces and artillery, Day of the National Guard, the International Day of Customs

Exclusive souvenirs made of ivory, mammoth ivory, bone, giraffe, dinosaur teeth, walrus horseradish canine bear ...
Unique gifts from unique materials to order.

Golden coat of arms of Ukraine decorated with precious stones.
Figurines, emblems, souvenirs from the state or corporate logo
Made of malachite, marble, granite, gold, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

Statuette of black tiger and white gold. Stand made of jade, marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, olivine, alexandrite, tourmaline, precious opal, crystal, Lund stone, topaz, agate, quartz, aventurine, beryl, spinel, tanzanite, tiger's eye, aquamarine, charoite, onyx, garnet colored sapphires, crystal Brazilian rock crystal, Norwegian jasper, aragonite ... According to custom manufacture of souvenirs of any animal, or any other shapes and sizes.

VIP statuette of sterling silver 925-carat with gold-plated 999-carat 24 carat.

Exclusive souvenirs of molten gold, silver and bronze.

Exclusive gifts of gold for the officials and politicians.

Exclusive glasses, bowls, glasses, mugs, wine glasses made of gold, silver, wood, crystal, amber, diamonds
catalog of the royal dishes and unique cutlery - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Interior designer watch from a stone of organic origin - jet, amber, pearls, mother of pearl, coral, Ammolite ...
Decorative elements watches are made of extruded gold 750-carat 18K.

The precious statue of pink gold handmade.
For individual orders souvenirs made of yellow, white, green, pink, and red gold.

Figurines of all forms of pure 24-karat gold.
Figures are performed in different versions and coatings drag. metals.
Gold-plated souvenirs. Souvenirs, covered with gold leaf. Souvenirs made of solid cast gold.

Silver Eagle. Silver 875 coated with pure platinum.
Souvenirs, statues, figurines of precious white. metals to order.
Gifts of all shapes and sizes of white gold, platinum souvenirs, gifts of silver, palladium souvenirs ...
All gifts made by individual layouts on the basis of any images, photographs, logos ...

Exclusive souvenir and gift tableware handmade.
For elite receptions and events top of the class for the family collection, the oligarchs and museums.
Unique wine glasses, wine glasses, cups, spoons, cups, spoons, forks, knives, saucers, plates, bottles, trays, vases ...
All souvenirs are manufactured only from these precious materials with premium:
gold, platinum, silver, black and red wood, ivory, jet, blue amber, coral, Ammolite ...
cases and cases for cookware and cutlery made of genuine leather and fur.
catalog of premium cutlery and crockery - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Royal souvenir for the head, officials, politicians, billionaire ...
Desktop / cabinet / interior clock with handles for signatures of precious materials.
Valuable wood, platinum gold 777-carat, mammoth tusk, diamond identifiers.

Goldfish. Souvenirs made of solid gold 585 th, 750 th, 888 th and 999-th, from 14 to 24k.
Gifts for individual orders of all shapes and sizes.
VIP gifts for birthday pets - dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, etc.

Royal set of candlesticks, clocks with a hidden safe-casket of ebony and platinum.

Platinum owl. Silvering owl. Crystal Owl. Diamond owl ...
Exclusive souvenirs from any of the precious metals and stones.

Icon of handcrafted from a unique alloy of platinum and gold.
Collection icons and pictures. Classical works. Auction of work and materials.
Exclusive VIP gifts with religious symbolism. Any denomination and holidays.
Gifts for Easter, Christmas, Epiphany, Shrove Sunday, Trinity, Apple Spas, Mardi Gras ...

Golden key. Golden wrench. Any themed gifts of gold or silver. Copyright gifts of all shapes and sizes. Any items and case made of gold. Day of the steel industry, Accountant's Day, Day of the trade and catering, Day of the construction industry, Independence Day, Miner's Day, the Day of the entrepreneur, Day of Physical Culture and Sports the Day of Ukrainian cinema Day of the Oil and Gas Industry, Day pharmacist, the World Tourism Day, Day of the artist, Day rescuer, Day of the automotive industry, Day of the State Tax Administration, the Day of the social sphere, the Day of Radio, TV and communication, Day of the students, Day students (Tatiana's Day)., Day of agriculture, Day prosecutors, the International Day of Disabled Persons, International Day of Goldsmith, local governments Day!, the International Human Rights Day, the Day of the Land Forces of Ukraine, Day of the energy industry, Diplomat's Day, Day of the drug control authorities, Day submarine officer...

Exclusive set of glasses-signets of gold mining stone and enamel jewelry.

The presidential suite of desktop accessories made of malachite, the lava of Vesuvius, pure gold and diamonds.
Copyright sets of jewelery for the offices of government officials, ministers, the president and directors of corporations ...
According to custom manufacture sets of exotic woods, all precious metals and stones.

VIP cabinet sets for millionaires and billionaires.
Unique sets of wood, stone, exotic leather, gold, platinum ...
Only Handmade. Only Single Copy. Only Individual Customize.

Souvenir VIP gramophone of green amber and green gold.
Exclusive souvenirs from precious and semi-precious stones inlaid with gold and platinum.
Favors by theme parties. Products on the international day of music. (Oct. 1), at the time teachers, educators etc.

Exclusive bell amber and white gold. VIP souvenirs on September 1.
Elite bells of gold, platinum bells, silver bells ...
Any size bells. Bells with the application of any text, images, and symbols.

Jubilee 60 years - made of gold and rock crystal. Exclusive souvenirs for various anniversaries and anniversaries.
Gifts for birthdays of loved ones, birthdays, companies, wedding anniversaries, and any other significant dates.

Lux pen with stand and table clocks of petrified wood, fossil, and gold of 750 standard
catalog of exclusive pens and watches - www.pens.mj777.com & www.watch.mj777.com

Figurine - print cast brushed gold with stand made of black amber.
Any VIP souvenirs to order. On the theme parties. Day of the legal worker.
Gifts for lawyers, judges, lawyers, teachers, academics...

Exclusive sets of precious metals - gold, platinum, wood, stone, leather ...
Office sets for the elite - calendars, diaries, watches, pens, folders, lighters, ashtrays, flagpoles ...
exclusive sets of handmade one-off - www.set.mj777.com

Exclusive gift bags for souvenirs.
Mini Bags and XL Bags of leather crocodile, iguanas, monitor lizard, ostrich, python, elephant, shark ...
Possible application of any symbols on bags and boxes with engraving, embroidery, embossing, inlays ...

Unique displays and super-computers decorated with marble, onyx, silver or gold.
catalog of unique handmade computers - www.super-computers.mj777.com

Copyright design sets of platinum and white gold. Gift baskets handmade - www.kit.mj777.com
luxury watches - www.watch.mj777.com, pens - www.pens.mj777.com, cufflinks - www.cufflinks.mj777.com

Exclusive domino amber or mahogany inlaid with gold or diamonds.
Luxury gift and collectible games - www.toys-luxury.mj777.com

Copyright gifts of all shapes and sizes. Any items and case made of gold. Gifts for Birthday, New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day February 14), Old New Year (January 14), February 23 (Day of the Defender of the Motherland), March 8 (International Women's Day), Wedding / Wedding Anniversary , Anniversary, City Day, Mother's Day (April 13) April Fool's Day, April Fools Day (April 1 - Humor), Day of Fire Protection Worker, the Security Service Workers' Day, the Day of the Internal Troops of Ukraine, May 1 - International Workers' Day, Independence Day, the Day of Unity of Ukraine Constitution Day and other public holidays, Day of the housing and communal services, the World Day of astrology, Day of the theater, the World Health Day, Day of the environment, the Day of Radio, Victory Day. (May 8/9), the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Day-Defense Forces of Ukraine, Day of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, the International Day of Families, Souvenirs Day, Day of the chemical industry, a graduate Day, Souvenirs on International Children's Day, the World Environment Day, the Day of journalism, Day of Light Industry Holiday Gift for Health Professionals' Day, Day Epidemiological Service, Youth Day, Souvenirs Day of Customs Service of Ukraine Constitution Day, Day of sea and river fleet, Day of Cooperatives ...

Glass shoes. Any product made of crystal, and all species of mountain rock.

Platinum souvenir - a model airplane - Sukhoi.
Exclusive souvenirs, aircraft, missiles, ships, cars made of gold, silver and platinum.
Copyright themed gifts for pilots, engineers, captains, drivers, manufacturing plants ....
VIP gifts for the World Day of aviation, aerospace, and other professional and specialized festivals.

Exclusive glasses with the emblems Russian fFderation arms of pure 24-karat gold.
Author's glasses and cutlery handmade - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Luxury champagne and other drinks vip - www.bottle.mj777.com, glasses and cutlery - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com
unique sets, any equipment for individual orders - www.set.mj777.com

Copyright piggy bank. Amber piggy bank. Silver piggy bank. Golden piggy bank. VIP piggy banks.
Money boxes of all shapes and sizes from a variety of exclusive materials.

Exclusive stamps elite class.

Copyright handbags, purses, boxes, boxes of leather premium with accessories made of gold ..
On the personal orders of individualization possible products using stamping, overlays and embroidery.
see also catalogs exclusive bags and boxes handmade.
www.bag.mj777.com & www.box.mj777.com

Elite figures for individual orders.
Exclusive handmade carving. Laser and hand engraving.
Only luxury materials - red African wood, coral, mother of pearl, fossils ...

Exclusive figurines. Figurines of precious print. metals.
VIP catalog of stamps - www.seal.mj777.com

Exclusive gift sets premium phone, covers and charms made in the same style.
Cover, phone and key ring made of gold and python skin with individual inlays.
vip catalog covers - www.case.mj777.com, vip phones - www.phones.mj777.com, vip trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com

Exclusive gift pouches of leather, furs and diamonds.
Unique luxury cases for mobile phones and smartphones premium - www.case.mj777.com

Design super computers of fine wood or natural stone.
Buttons and decorations computers, mice and keyboards are inlaid with gold and diamonds.
Catalogue of modding and tuning computer - www.super-computers.mj777.com

Gift Sets - tobacco pipe, thermal and stand out of unique materials.
Handmade to order - www.pipes.mj777.com & www.tampers.mj777.com

Luxury gift mouse and stick in the skin of exotic species
Any mouse and stick to the skin cobras, sea snake, python, anaconda, alligator, hippo, lizard ...
See also catalog luxury mice and flash drives - www.mouse.mj777.com & www.vip-flash.com

VIP Gift for Day fishing. Fisherman's Day
Flash card of fish-bones Japanese peach and gold 888-th sample. Volume from 1 to 512GB.
Individual orders any form of flash drives, and any drag. Materials.
exclusive catalog of flash drives - www.vip-flash.com and jewelry - www.jewelry.mj777.com

Exclusive gift sets leather accessories - the belt and carrying case of snake skin
Catalog exclusive belts - www.belts.mj777.com and directory vip covers and cases - www.case.mj777.com

Lux pillow made of genuine python leather handmade. Any size from miniature to large jewelry cushions.
Souvenir pads. Interior cushions. Exclusive pillows made from exotic leathers.
www.furniture.mj777.com & www.skin.mj777.com

Elite sets of luxury vehicles from genuine crocodile leather and gold.
Laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, internet tablets, smart phones, PDAs, mice, flash drives and other accessories of the exotic.
In kits Wild Edition includes real stuffed crocodile, alligator, caiman, gharial, iguanas, monitor lizard and other reptiles.
catalog of unique models of laptops for the elite - www.notebook777.com

VIP Hourglass of Baltic amber and gold dust.
Unique interior souvenirs, made from a variety of unique materials.

Luxury eyeglass case and passport covers and road rights of crocodile skin.
According to individual order any exotic skin color. More than 5,000 different types and colors of skin from MJ.
VIP catalog luxury glasses and cases, www.glasses.mj777.com and catalog covers for documents - www.passport.mj777.com

Copyright souvenirs from exclusive materials at various festivals, forums, conferences, awards, awards ...

Ideal gifts luxury class. Leather wallets sea snake and gold.
Accessories made of exotic leather and precious. Metals - www.accessories.mj777.com

Commemorative souvenirs top class. All dates for individual orders of gold.
Coasters made of stone, bone, wood, leather, crystal, pearl ...

Tray and glasses made of natural amber and gold braided.
Crockery and cutlery for lovers of chic - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Luxury gifts from unique materials for corporate events, birthday firm boss ...

Box with a clock made of precious materials - wood, stone, bone, black gold ...
Very expensive handmade souvenirs. Boxes and boxes luxury segment - www.box.mj777.com

Suite for souvenir hunters. Gift knife with a code box.
According to custom manufacture of unique knives made of precious materials.
Catalogue of elite knives and guns - www.knife.mj777.com & www.weapon.mj777.com

Tuning Case for iPhone and a key ring made of gold, diamonds and snake skin
catalog tuning iPhones - www.iphone-luxury.com and elite trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com

Leather sets luxury handmade accessories.
Bags, briefcases, wallets, flash drives, key chains, belts, cases of stingray leather, crocodile, python, lizard ...
Elite kits for connoisseurs of luxury - www.set.mj777.com

Exclusive souvenirs from amber.

Gold train. Gold locomotive. Gold souvenir.
Exclusive souvenirs on the day of the railway.

Unique Christmas decorations made of amber, wood, onyx, diamonds, leather etc.
Only individual orders. Christmas toys luxury class.

Exclusive flash drive key chain and cases for phones. Crocodile. Rhodium Osmium. 128gb & 256gb.
www.vip-flash.com & www.case.mj777.com

Fifteen of amber and gold. Onyx and silver. Wood and platinum ...
Any modifications to exclusive games for high-end handmade.
VIP game for the elite - www.toys-luxury.mj777.com

Exotic interior stuffed - cobra, python, alligator, caiman, crocodile, iguana ...
interior leather, furs, skins, stuffed - www.skin.mj777.com

Tuning Case for Apple iPad Crocodile leather with the logo in white gold and pink diamonds.
Exclusive gifts premium handmade to order. VIP internet Tablets Limited Edition.
Bags, briefcases, wallets, tuning and modding tablets Apple iPad - www.ipad.mj777.com

Oscar statuette cast from pure 24-carat gold 999-th sample. Any award cups and figurines.
Copyright souvenirs from exclusive materials at various festivals, forums, conferences, awards, awards ...

Exclusive photo frame / photo album of exotic alligator.
For individual orders in the collection of MJ Art Studio features more than 5,000 different species and skin tones.
Buckles, rivets, bolt, contours and other decorative items made of silver or gold.
photo frames and gift catalog photo accessories - www.frame.mj777.com

Gold mouse. Souvenir mouse VIP class. Available in 2 versions - with gold plating and gold in the cast.
Exclusive wireless mouse for computers and laptops - www.mouse.mj777.com

Exclusive hourglass. Natural onyx and diamond dust.

Souvenir skins luxury class. Exotic interior skins.
VIP skins bobcats, bears, tigers, lions, ponies, zebras, sable, mink, fox, panther, llamas ...
Interior leather and fur premium quality - www.skin.mj777.com

Gold flash drive in the form of bone with a diamond bite. Plus a gift box of caiman skin.
Any souvenirs stick made of precious metals and stones of all shapes and sizes.
catalog of luxury flash drives - www.vip-flash.com and luxury boxes - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive luxury box of cigars from crocodile skin karung, bone-ray, stingray, tilapia fish, camel, kangaroo, deer, calf ...
catalog VIP boxes - www.box.mj777.com and smoking pipes and accessories - www.pipes.mj777.com

Gift Sets from a unique alloy of platinum gold, wood, ivory, jet, diamond ....
VIP Points, cuff links, tie clips and other handmade accessories.
www.glasses.mj777.com & www.cufflinks.mj777.com

Gift set of iguana skin and gold - mice and squirrels for the elite
www.mouse.mj777.com & www.keychains.mj777.com

VIP wine glasses decorated with precious. metals and stones.
Luxury for the elite - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Cover case for phone (smartphone) and the alligator purse.
Any models and sizes to order.
www.case.mj777.com & www.wallets.mj777.com

Copyright candlesticks and other accessories made of valuable wood species and rare species gonnogo stone.

Exclusive interior clock alligator of any color.
See also catalog of interior and watch top-class - www.watch.mj777.com

Exclusive VIP collections of precious materials with individual personalization.
Exclusive VIP gifts with the state symbols - flags and coats of arms.
Exclusive VIP gifts with company logo (only for owners trade marks)
Exclusive VIP gifts with astrological symbols - signs of the zodiac

Exclusive landlines phones and handy mobile phones premium - www.phones.mj777.com
Only individual orders. Only the most luxurious and natural materials - wood, leather, gold, diamonds ...

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For cooperation and opening of representative offices, please - vip-clients@mail.ru

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